Intellectual Curiosity And Inspire Self-Reflection


A Curriculum for 21st Century Success

At the foundation of a good education, is a strong curriculum Our curriculum is a highly effective International curriculum designed to accord students knowledge and thinking skills they’ll need for higher education life and work. Structured lessons are combined with self-paced learning to ensure that each student reaches full potential.At the heart of the curriculum are the four important “C”s, of 21st century learning.

  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Communication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Collaboration
01 Finest Resources

Our experts select the best texts and teaching materials from leading publishers to create lessons and activities

02 Interesting Electives

Electives are crucial for the well-rounded curriculum. The school offers several interesting electives for students to choose from

03 Continuous Improvement

The curriculum at Mars1 is dynamic. It is reviewed and revised regularly while adhering to national and international standards

04 Curriculum for Success

We have evolved a curriculum that meets national and international standards as set by leading educational organizations while meeting the diverse needs of our students

05 Experts

We have a team of experts comprising of professionals with expertise in curriculum development, subject areas. instructional design, and technology deployment This team focuses on developing a high-quality curriculum that delivers real results

Theme Weeks

In addition to our International curriculum, we offer theme weeks. The theme weeks are inspired by Finnish educational system Students collaborate and work together on a collective project. During theme weeks the entire school engages in a project. which helps to develop communication, team work, problem solving creativity critical thinking and project management skills and competencies.

Power Workshops

We hold power workshops on specific subjects during the periodic meetings with the children. These power workshops are intensely focused on that specific subject and helps to ease the subject understanding.

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