Academic Excellence And Strive For Academic Achievement

Mars1 Online School is promoted by the International School of Belgium (ISBe, as it is fondly known), which is a leading international school. At ISBe our guiding statements are: Dream, Achieve, Celebrate, Unite and to achieve these goals we believe in a holistic education where each child is highly valued and helped to maximize their potential in academic and non-academic areas. ISBe prepares students for the 21st-century workplace with its emphasis on creativity, collaborative learning and presentation skills. Our curriculum and programs we follow (IPC, IGCSE, IEYC and IB) embed these concepts.

A school inspired by teachers

We believe that every child deserves a teacher who unlocks a passion for learning and recognizes the true potential. Teachers inspire us as they inspire the students. Being closest to the children they teach, teachers have the next insights and thereby thoughtful solutions. This is why we put teachers in charge of critical decisions about everything academic and celebrate their ideas.

The goal is to spark the imagination of each child, find a way in their hearts and minds so that they enjoy the process of learning. The goal is to instill inspiration, focus on why and how and not just transmit information or focus on what.

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