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Professor Todd Rose is known for his work “The End of Average”. We states that schools structure their activities on their expectations of what an “average” person is and assume that each individual person is similar to the average.

Schools design their instruction around the assumptions of an “average” student. They know that students are different from one another, yet they group students in classes of similar age, prescribing same assignments, assessments, and annual progression at similar intervals.

There clearly are cognitive differences among individual students. Students with similar IQs may differ substantially on the various knowledge elements. Students may achieve the same grades but one might achieve it by excelling in Literature and History whereas the other might have done well in math and science. Additionally, significant differences exist among students It’s not just about their cognitive abilities. The differences correlate with students’ interests and life circumstances, which might be so compelling When one looks at a student, it is the combination of these dynamics that makes every individual unique.

We believe “No student is Average” Mars1 Online School is here to see to the “The End of Average”. We are here to look beyond the grades We see each student as different One might be passionate about creative writing while another might be struggling with anxiety. For us the concept of reducing students to averages seems absurd. Instead of expecting our students to adapt their interests and needs to what we look is right, we look to meet them mid-way and offer new ways to learn.

Mars1 Online School combines online instruction with a physical campus that students attend at periodic intervals to meet their academic and extracurricular needs. Like Todd Rose, we too believe “there is no such thing as an average student” and are committed to seeing students as individuals with unique requirements and desires.

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