Academic Excellence And Strive For Academic Achievement

Imagine a classroom that doesn’t have a “one size fits all” approach to education, imagine the teacher guiding each student on an individualized journey Imagine a classroom where the what, where, when, and how of learning are tailored to meet each student’s needs, strengths, skills, and interests That’s the classroom of Mars1 Online School.

We have the most creative, expressive generation of students ever It is our duty to unleash the potential of this generation of students.

We use learner profiles that provide a deep understanding of each student’sindividual needs, strengths, and motivations and tracks the progress of the students. We customize a learning path that responds to the learner profile. The learning path includes several learning methods and has a mix of project-based learning within a small group, independent work on certain skills or complex tasks, and one-on­ one tutoring with the teacher.

We use competency-based progression to monitor students’ progress toward specific goals The competencies include specific skills, knowledge and mindsets Students are given options of how and when to demonstrate their competencies.


At Mars1 Online School we are making a fundamental shift We are putting the controls of learning in the hands of our student so that they are equipped with tools to learn and become active learners. This prepares students for life beyond school, makes them life long learners.

Being in control of own learning, the student is highly motivated and more engaged. Students set their own goals, work independently and collaboratively on projects that match their interests. The resultant inclination to study culminates in better results. Academically advanced students are constantly challenged and students with special needs need not struggle to keep up.

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