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Student Progress

For every student, an academic starting point is identified when they start their academic journey with us We deploy a range of methods and technologies and use data enabled decision-making processes to support our learners Our diagnostic assessment tools help students and their teachers understand how they learn and about their academic potential We create online portfolios for our students, which help us to share the progress of the child with the parents, which in turn help the parents with a clear indication of their child’s progress.

Student’s progress will be monitored by the Progress Manager assigned to the child The Progress Manager will liaise with the subject teachers, students and parents to ensure that the student is attaining academic standards satisfactorily The Progress Manger will closely monitor each student’s progress against their assignment schedule to ensure they stay on track with their studies.

There will be periodic review of the academic progress. The academic year is divided into two Semesters. Each Semester will have two quarters of 8 weeks of teaching. The students will be given feedback at the end of each quarter Academic reports will be submitted at the end of each Semester.

Why Choose Online Learning


Personalized to specific needs and learning goals

When students are in control of things, they take greater ownership

Flexible so that students can explore different ways to learn

Interactive and engaging to stimulate the interest of children

Experience using the twenty first century technology tools

Possibility to define the pace of learning and track progress towards the Intended goal

Collaborate with teachers, and fellow students unlimited by physical presence

Responsive and supportive whenever the student needs extra help

Challenging but achievable

Opportunities to become an adept in an area of interest

Reinforcing of lifelong learning skills

Promotes information literacy and communication skills

Inculcates thinking and problem-solving skills

It is particularly suitable to students having learning disability, Gifted Learners Autistic Children. Elite Athletics, travelling families, Students having anxiety issues, performing artists and children with School phobia.


When a student is enrolled in one of our courses, they will be allocated a Mentor who will act as the family’s main point of contact throughout the student’s studies. The mentor has the following a responsibilities:

A. Provides support and guidance to the student when he/ she Is experiencing difficulties in learning

B. Communicates with parents about academic and other issues

C. liaises with school, teachers and counsellors and make referrals where appropriate

D. Monitor student progress on a regular basis

E. Experience using the twenty first century technology tools

F. Where appropriate, encourage the student to keep on track

Special Educational Needs

All the children should have an equal right to learn and play, and benefit from the opportunities that learning opens up in life. We proactively promote inclusion by encouraging students to respect and appreciate
uniqueness in each of their classmates.

We welcome students with mild to moderate learning difficulties, provided we are able to support them. The school has a team of qualified teachers with specialist facilities.


Supporting Your Child

As parents, it is vital to be involved in and be supportive of when educating your child at home. Exactly how much involvement would vary depending on the class your child is studying in. No matter how bright your child is, or how well he or she is scoring, sometimes the going gets tough. It is at these times that the parents should then understand that the child now needs encouragement and discuss the issues, which they find difficult to handle alone. There might be tangible actions that you can take along with your ward to overcome these situations.

Parents should encourage their children to contact their progress manager, which they are sometimes reluctant to, and also read the feedback of their tutors which they have received after giving a test or an assignment. This will ensure any potential problems spotted earlier, allow you to gauge how well your child is doing and if there are any aspects of the course that are proving to be difficult.


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